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Linguazoom is your ideal partner for getting to grips with languages! To let you get to know our method without any commitment, we offer you a free trial lesson. Just contact us!

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Your teacher adapts with a lot of flexibility to your timetable. Corrections you receive quickly back to advance your learning process.

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Whether in your office, at home or in foreign countries: our lessons can take place everywhere where you have a telephone or internet connection.

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We organize your lessons according to your needs and conditions. Our goal is to improve your language skills in your specific domain of application.

Your teacher: always there whenever you need him

To advance your learning process, we guarantee that the exercices you do will be sent back and the questions you have will be answered in 24 hours.

The language you learn - mother tongue of your teacher

Linguazoom teachers teach only their mother tongue. Thereby we guarantee a high quality of our courses.

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Compared with private languages courses on-site we can offer you online courses for a much lower price maintaining the same quality.